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I work with clay. 

My tableware is functional and meant to be held -- incorporated into the ritual of everyday life. I hand build or slip cast each piece, aspiring to impart it with the natural imperfection of the hand. The work reflects my personal inspiration from the natural world… the translation of our environment into our personal, everyday meaning. It is my hope the work plays a part for each user in the pursuit of his or her elevated experience of the everyday. 

My custom pieces are detailed and layered. I work specifically with each client to capture and tell his or her own story through a visual dictionary of inspired universal imagery that is hand drawn, hand formed. These pieces, often platters, storybowls, or installations … serve as tools that celebrate, remind and inspire… bringing into focus mindfulness and personal ritual. 

I believe in the power of stories.  Beauty in the everyday. The magnificently personal.  I strive to bring our stories to sharper focus, to elevate the symbolic artifacts we bring into our life… and the lasting traditions they create. 

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